Energy Saving Tips Anybody Can Use

Reduce food waste. Nearly 3.3 billion tons of carbon is emitted into the atmosphere by food waste annually. Climate scientists recommend buying local (list of local markets), or growing your own garden.

Use fewer electronics. Use your iPad instead of your computer, and use battery life wisely.

Eat less meat. One of the largest carbon polluters is cattle farming. Going meatless just one day each week can save 175kg of CO2 a year. Try Meatless Monday.

Spare the air. An interesting program called Spare the Air in the SF Bay Area alerts residents when pollution reaches unsafe levels, and our local news reporters spread the word with “Spare the Air Day: take transit, ride bikes, or walk” alerts. Keep an eye out for those.

But there are other things you can do to make lasting changes in your carbon footprint.

  1. Work from home
  2. Buy an electric vehicle
  3. Go solar in any way you can
    1. Install solar panels
    2. Buy from solar powered businesses
  4. Buy only recycled products

Shop local How about picking up some fresh produce from a local farmers market this Sunday? Well if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’re in luck. Northern California is home to some of the most abundant farm land in the world. We’re lucky enough to enjoy fresh produce, grown by all local farmers any day of the week.Woman at the fruit and vegetable market

The state’s agricultural sales first exceeded $30 billion in 2004, making it more than twice the size of any other state’s agriculture industry. California is the leading dairy state. Milk is California’s number one farm commodity, according to Wiki.

“California is a major exporter of agricultural products, and is the U.S.’ largest producer of fruits, vegetables, wine and nuts.” – Investopedia.

Find local farmers markets here, and try to chip in to the eco economy.

All the best,


Anna Kihagi


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