The Best Cabinetry in SF

Modern gray kitchen features dark gray flat front cabinets

West 18 Properties does a lot of renovating throughout the year. So when we need to build out a kitchen or bathroom we like to shop local. While there are thousands of stores in the Bay Area that could provide this service (6344 different cabinetry shops to be exact), I have a clear favorite. After doing business for so long, you know what quality looks like and what it delivers.

I use a lot of solid wood for my cabinets–and anyone who renovates knows how expensive true wood cabinets can get. It can cost several thousand dollars to have a cabinet maker engineer your actual design and it can be very time consuming.

If you have the flexibility of using standard measures, which for most units are cabinets of 30″ or 39″ height, consider going to BEST TILE at 625 Bayshore Boulevard in San Francisco. I highly recommend their services.

The name says “tile,” but you will be surprised by their solid wood cabinet selection. Best Tile is reasonably priced, the salesmen are always helpful, and they’re fast.

This isn’t a paid endorsement by any means; it’s more of a thank you note to Best Tile in San Francisco for always being reliable and helpful. I highly recommend their services.

It takes a village to keep a business running, and they have been there for my business needs and the needs of my tenants.

The team here at West 18 Properties and I wish them much continued success.

All the best,

Anna Kihagi



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