Solar Apartments in San Francisco

Montgomery St. and Skyline of Downtown areas of San Francisco, CA USA

Our building on 18th street is solar and we love the idea and all of the amazing benefits that come with clean energy. Just read the facts below. You might consider going green too.

3947 18th Street, San Francisco, California Copyright: West 18 Properties

Facts about solar panels

Solar energy technologies use the sun’s energy to produce electricity for homes and businesses. The benefit of using solar is that it doesn’t cause the pollution that fossil fuels generate with our regular power grid.

Fact 1 Solar energy is a completely free source of energy and it is found in abundance.

Fact 2 Solar energy travels for 93,000,000 miles from the sun to the earth in 8 minutes and 19 seconds.

Fact 3 Solar panels range in price.

Fact 4 Solar City Tower powered the Brazil 2016 Olympics. At 100 meters tall, it provided enough solar energy to power the Olympic Village and Olympic venues all day long.

Fact 5 In 1447, Leonardo Da Vinci predicted that there would be a solar industrialization.

Fact 6 Space missions conducted by various countries use solar energy to power their spaceships.

Fact 7 The amount of solar energy that hits the earth each hour is enough to provide the energy needs of earth’s entire population for a full year!!

Doesn’t that make you want to go solar?

Love, Anna Kihagi.

(Sources: Just Energy Solar, Conserve Energy, Slingshot Power)


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